Public feedback wanted on improvements of building consent system

Published: 08 June 2023

The Government has today announced a public consultation seeking feedback to improve the building consent system.

A review of the building consent system is underway. The review aims to modernise the system to provide assurance to building owners and users that building work will be done right first time. This ensures that buildings are well-made, healthy, durable and safe.

The review is an end-to-end review of the building consent system – from the building design phase through to the issuing of a code compliance certificate.

This consultation focusses on potential options to improve the building consent system. The options paper sets out a range of options and pathways to reform the building consent system in the following 8 areas:

  • promoting competition in the building regulatory system
  • removing impediments to product substitution and variations
  • strengthening roles and responsibilities
  • new assurance pathways
  • better delivery of building consent services,
  • better performance monitoring and system stewardship
  • better responding to the needs and aspirations of Māori
  • addressing the interface between the building and resource consent processes.

Preferred options for change have been identified. Noting an option as ‘preferred’ indicates there is broad support for change and policy work is sufficiently advanced. These options can be prioritised for system change, however all options are on the table to reform the system.

This consultation is a key milestone in the Government’s response to the Commerce Commission’s Market Study Into Residential Building Supplies. Potential reform options in the paper address several recommendations made by the Commission in its final report including potential improvements to competition, product substitution and variations and the needs and aspirations of Māori in the building consent system.

The sector and the wider public, including consumers, are invited to provide feedback on the options identified and the benefits, risks, costs, and disadvantages of these options.

Following this consultation, MBIE will analyse the submissions received and work towards the next stage of the building consent system review – providing advice to Ministers on what options should be progressed as a priority and, following Government decisions on which changes to go forward with, the detailed design of options chosen. 

Submissions for the consultation close at 5pm on 7 August 2023

Read the Minister’s press release(external link)  —

Read and provide a submission on the Building Consent System Review

Last updated: 08 June 2023