Government releases the Digital Technologies Industry Transformation Plan

Published: 15 May 2023

The Government has today released the Digital Technologies Industry Transformation Plan (ITP), to transform and grow Aotearoa New Zealand’s digital technologies sector.

The Digital ITP is 1 of 8 ITPs created to increase productivity and performance in key sectors of the economy. The ITP is a long-term vehicle for partnership between industry and government in the digital technologies sector. It is an overarching framework that includes actions that will be implemented and led by both industry and government to grow our export successes, build our national reputation around tech and innovation, invest in digital skills and talent for the tech sector and related industries and support Māori participation and leadership in the sector.

A Digital Technologies ITP Partnership Board has been established to support the ongoing implementation of the ITP. The board is made up of a diverse group of representatives from industry bodies, sector leaders and government.

The ITP is a living document that will evolve and be updated over time, so it can continue to deliver the transformation sought by the partners of this ITP.

Further information is available on MBIE's Digital Technologies webpage

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