Better Work Action Plan for tourism launched

Published: 07 March 2023

The Better Work Action Plan (Action Plan) for Tourism was launched in Queenstown on 1 March 2023, as part of the wider Tourism Industry Transformation Plan (ITP).

The Action Plan has been created in partnership with representatives from the tourism industry, unions, government and Māori (the Better Work Leadership Group) and aims to address key systemic issues affecting the tourism workforce that make it difficult for the industry to attract and retain quality employees. There are 6 proposals or Tirohanga Hou (meaning new outlook and ways of thinking) in the Action Plan which are underpinned by 14 initiatives to address these challenges.

The initiatives in the Action Plan have been informed by feedback from the Better Work Leadership Group, public consultation and the Tourism and Hospitality Workforce Survey conducted by Dr David Williamson, Senior Lecturer at the School of Hospitality and Tourism, Auckland University of Technology (AUT).

To read a copy of the Action Plan please see:

He Mahere Tiaki Kaimahi – Better Work Action Plan

More information about the wider Tourism ITP can be found here:

Tourism Industry Transformation Plan

New tourism content from Digital Boost

One of the initiatives in the Action Plan is to develop Digital Boost tourism and hospitality content. Digital Boost has created a free online digital skills and training platform which has over 1000 videos designed to help kiwi business owners and employees to learn the skills needed to successfully operate their business online.

Digital Boost has just launched a new video playlist for the tourism industry. It contains 60 videos, including instructional videos, such as the importance of local search engine optimisation (SEO), to real stories about tourism businesses who have transformed their business by selling online and using digital tools.

To sign up to Digital Boost and access these videos please see:

Digital Boost | Free Online Digital Business Skills(external link)

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