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Government Procurement Rules 4th edition comes into force today 01 October 2019

The Government Procurement Rules 4th edition officially comes into force from today and will help to leverage spending and procurement planning across government agencies to achieve broader outcomes and increase public value.

Construction Procurement Guidelines 30 September 2019

The Government has released the Construction Procurement Guidelines, 2nd edition.

Safer credit strategy launched to address problem debt 30 September 2019

A partnership between central government, industry and community organisations has launched a strategy to help people facing financial hardship due to problem debt.

Government announces new measures to target unfair commercial practices 25 September 2019

The Government has decided on new measures to better protect businesses and consumers from unfair commercial practices.

More Government EVs get the green light 11 September 2019

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) is seeking to offer agencies greater choice of electric vehicles and electric vehicle suppliers.

Ezispeak to provide telephone interpreting services for public sector 06 September 2019

A new supplier will soon be offering telephone interpreting services across the public sector, replacing Language Line, which closes when funding finishes on 30 September 2019.

Smarter Government accommodation planning for Wellington Region 25 July 2019

Options for government office space in the wider Wellington region are being explored to better support citizen needs, regional growth and the vision for a modern, unified Public Service, says Peter Bollmann, Chief Advisor Property, New Zealand Government Procurement and Property.

Government agency fleet CO2 emissions falling 15 July 2019

The first update of the Fleet Emissions Dashboard shows average carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions for each government agency’s fleet of light vehicles have decreased between April and July this year.

Government Procurement Rules 4th edition released 04 June 2019

The Government has released the Government Procurement Rules, 4th edition.

Consumers encouraged to know their rights 22 May 2019

Results of the New Zealand Consumer Survey 2018 show that while nearly all consumers are aware that laws exist to protect their consumer rights, more than half of consumers report knowing only ‘a little’ or ‘nothing’ about what these rights are.