Applying nuclear and isotope science and technology to deliver environmental and economic benefits for New Zealand.

By 2024, in part as a result of this Platform’s research initiatives, we expect to see New Zealand’s policies and plans for environment management improved, and shown to be effective, resulting in sustainable economic growth from our land and water resources, a healthy population, and enhanced resilience to anthropogenic pressures on the environment.

We also expect to see a revitalised manufacturing sector with increased innovation and R&D investment, resulting in a significantly greater proportion of exports through use of new high-value materials.

This Platform has 2 science themes:

  1. Environmental Tracers ($1.8M): Understanding biological, chemical and geological processes based on isotopic and elemental tracers, and applying these methods to evaluate the impact of human activity on New Zealand’s environment.
  2. Advanced Materials ($0.8M): Ion beam modification of surfaces to create new structures and properties for use in high-value industries.