AgResearch's science platforms

AgResearch receives $38.4 million per year for 2 science platforms – Agri-food production and Premium agri-foods. This page provides the public statement from our contract with AgResearch.

Agri-food production ($26M per year)

An integrated Platform of farm biome genomics, biosecurity and decision-centric farm systems for sustainable livestock production. E.g. Genomics for improving performance whilst reducing emissions to the environment; supporting uptake of new practices and technologies.

This Platform will contribute to two impact areas: enhancing the performance of forages and animals (ca $19M); and growing the sustainable productivity/profitability of farm systems within environmental limits (ca $7M).

The research in this Platform will inform the design and adoption of future farm systems, including those of Māori agribusinesses, and identify opportunities to improve farm systems through use of digital and disruptive technologies, on-farm efficiencies and performance gains, protection from pest incursions and building resilient farm systems to adapt to and mitigate the impact of climate change.

Premium agri-foods ($12.5M per year)

Combining food science, material science, food safety science to create high-value milk, meat and bio-based products. E.g. Food safety systems; innovative meat, wool and dairy products; adding value to current co-products.

This Platform will contribute to two impact areas: high-value agri-foods with proven functionality, that are safe (ca. $8M); and high value wool-based products with proven functionality, sustainable and ethical credentials (ca. $2M).

This Platform will provide technologies and knowhow to add value to our agri-foods and co-products, particularly through differentiation and validated functional benefits to the consumer. It will also help ensure consistency and consumer acceptance of agri-product processing, improving product quality, safety and assurance.

As well as our individual sector impact strategies, SSIF will contribute to increasing cross-sector impact through extensive engagement with our stakeholders and to meeting the goals of government including the Business Growth Agenda, National Policy Statement for Fresh Water Management, and Government’s Primary Sector Science and Conservation and Environment Science Roadmaps (combined ca. $2.5M). In addition SSIF will support activities with a focus on achieving effective adoption and practice change.