Why Better Work?

He Mahere Tiaki Kaimahi – to care for people who work in our industry

To make transformational shifts in the tourism system, we must look at the foundation of the system: people. Investment in those who work in tourism is fundamental to the achievement of other transformational shifts.

There are countless positive stories from the tourism workforce. Many people have successful and rewarding careers in tourism or use their experience in tourism as a foundation for rewarding careers in other sectors. However, not everyone has these experiences, and a range of systemic challenges can impede our vision (as outlined in the next section) from being fully realised.

Better Work requires a thriving tourism ecosystem

People who work in tourism are at the centre of the draft Action Plan. Without a thriving workforce, we will not have a thriving tourism industry.

While we have focused on creating Better Work, we know that people working in tourism can only thrive when the businesses they work for are healthy, as is the wider system. We have aimed to keep this ‘systems perspective’ in mind: for our people to thrive, a positive environment of opportunity needs to surround them. The eight Tirohanga Hou in this plan reflect the systems view.