Tāniko patterns

This is a taskforce and report that from day one has been inspired by the Te Ao Māori perspective. The wisdom and guidance received from Māori leadership has been incredibly significant to the thinking along the journey towards these recommendations.

To reflect this, the use of the Tāniko patterns was chosen as an important visual enrichment throughout the report. They symbolise the weaving together of perspectives, priorities, ideas and stories that bind us together as a whole industry and nation. The specific patterns chosen relate to the Future States we are envisioning and working towards with this report. They represent significant actions and consistent focus on key parts of our tourism ecosystem to ensure the change needed is achieved.

Tāniko patterns

Tāniko patterns (from left to right): Pātaki, Waharua Kōpito, Niho Taniwha, Taki Toru, Purapura Whetū


Future state 1: Industry thriving Pātaki pattern

Speaks to abundance and the conditions needed for an industry to thrive and transform.

Waharua kōpito

Future state 2: Te Taiao regenerating

Waharua kōpito pattern

Speaks to protection of Te Taiao, and making tangible commitments to take care of our environment. 

Niho taniwha

Future state 3: Empowering communities

Niho taniwha pattern

Speaks to empowerment and communities' self determination to localise destination management plans. 

Taki toru

Future state 4: Aotearoa whakapapa

Taki toru pattern

Speaks to connection and the affection between people. The tree lashings are symbolic of the kaupapa of 'embracing visitors as whānau'.

Purapura whetū

Future state 5: Navigating our future

Purapura whetū pattern

Speaks to navigation, the collection and connection of data and insights to navigate future pathways and strategies.