Better tools and resources for business owners and operators


Support management capabilities through increasing awareness and effectiveness of tools and resources.

Creating a future where... Tourism is recognised for its capable and knowledgeable leaders, operators and owners. Employers are skilled in creating enriching employment environments, which create positive employee experiences.


This Tirohanga Hou aims to resolve the problem facing some tourism businesses regarding the lack of scale, systems, and capacity to have effective human resources management or to invest in training and progression. In 2020, 87.4% of tourism businesses had fewer than 20 employees [1]. It is important that we promote tools and resources for small to medium enterprises in the tourism industry. Small enterprises may also not be well informed of the changing trends, challenges and opportunities for the sector. We believe that if owners are utilising effective and relevant tools and resources, businesses will be able to deliver good employment practices and processes, improving the experience of the worker.


Initially, we propose to assess tourism industry awareness and engagement with existing tools and resources. If research shows that awareness can be improved, then we propose to increase the reach of existing tools and resources to tourism businesses. If awareness is high but effectiveness of existing tools and resources are low, products could be created or tailored to meet tourism businesses’ specific needs.

We would look at enriching and refining existing products where there is a demonstrated need for improvement or tourism-specific content (in partnership with industry associations). We would also explore opportunities for partnership - getting people together to solve a common problem could be a powerful complementary initiative to online tools and resources. Existing channels could also be explored to disseminate information on trends, challenges and opportunities for the sector. Existing tools and resources include those available on:

  • link) – who provide capability building and compliance support resources. Resources available are designed with experts for kiwi businesses and used 7.4 million times annually.

  • Digital Boost(external link) – a free online education platform that gives small businesses the skills they need to succeed in a digital world. All the ITPs have the opportunity to collaborate with Digital Boost and utilize the platform to create and promote industry specific digital skills for businesses.

  • Employment New Zealand(external link) – who provide information to help employees and employers understand their employment rights and responsibilities, and resources to help those engaging with businesses to ensure that they are treating workers fairly, ethically and sustainably.

  • Regional Business Partners Network(external link) – a programme that connects New Zealand businesses to the right advice, people, funding and resources.


1. Service IQ (2021), Hinonga Kōkiri Tourism Industry Skills Summary, Ringa Hora, Hinonga Kōkiri / Head Start Project » ServiceIQ.