Tourism Industry Transformation Plan

The Tourism Industry Transformation Plan (ITP) is a partnership with the tourism industry, Māori, unions, workers and government to transform tourism in Aotearoa to a more regenerative model.

Why do we need an ITP for tourism?

Industry Transformation Plans (ITPs) are a high-intensity, high-engagement approach to industry policy, with the purpose of setting a transformative vision and action plan for key sectors in the New Zealand economy.

Tourism was selected for an ITP because of its significance to the New Zealand economy, and because the loss of international visitors as the result of COVID-19 gives us an opportunity to rebuild a more regenerative tourism system. Funding for the development of the Tourism ITP was included in the Tourism Communities: Support, Recovery and Re-set Plan.

Tourism Communities: Support, Recovery and Re-set Plan

The overarching objective of the Tourism ITP is to contribute to the building of a regenerative tourism system. A regenerative tourism system is one that leaves people, communities, and the environment better than before, and can be understood as an extension of sustainability.

7 other sectors are developing and implementing an ITP: Agritech, Digital Technologies, Food and Beverage, Advanced Manufacturing, Forestry and Wood Processing, Construction, and Tourism.

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The Tourism ITP is taking a phased approach

The issues identified relating to tourism in Aotearoa New Zealand have been the subject of extensive analysis and consultation. This has resulted in a valuable body of existing work, including:

New Zealand-Aotearoa Government Tourism Strategy [PDF, 1.1 MB]

Given this existing work, the Tourism ITP has taken the opportunity to take a phased approach and focus energy on targeted actions required to deliver systemic change, rather than producing another stocktake of issues and challenges for the industry.

First phase: Better Work

The first phase of the Tourism ITP is focused on enabling Better Work for the tourism industry. To make any transformational shifts in the tourism system, we must look at the foundation of the system – people. Investment in those who work in tourism is fundamental to the achievement of other transformational shifts.

While COVID-19 has exacerbated challenges for the tourism workforce, the reality is that these challenges have been longstanding. The disruption of COVID-19 and broader changes in the labour market presents a unique opportunity for us to take stock and ask what we want for the tourism workforce of the future and what changes need to occur.

Public consultation on the draft Better Work Action Plan occurred from 10 August to 14 September 2022. Feedback from consultation is currently being considered and will inform the final Better Work Action Plan, with public release anticipated to be early 2023.

View more information on the Better Work phase of the ITP:

He Mahere Tiaki Kaimahi – Better Work Action Plan

Second phase: The environment

The second phase of the Tourism ITP is focused on the environment and tourism. Ensuring the tourism industry protects and restores the environment is important because Aotearoa New Zealand’s natural environment is central to our attraction as a destination.

Reducing the contribution that tourism makes to greenhouse gas emissions is vital, both to achieve Aotearoa New Zealand’s emissions reduction commitments and to ensure it remains a popular destination for climate-conscious visitors. There are already examples of the tourism industry reducing its impact on the environment and giving back to nature. The ITP aims to enhance these positive actions.

 Three pillars underline the scope of this phase of the ITP:

  • Climate change adaptation – understanding the impact that climate change will have on the tourism industry and taking action to ensure the industry can adapt to climate events
  • Climate change mitigation – transforming the tourism industry into a low carbon emissions industry
  • Fostering positive ecological outcomes, such as biodiversity and ecosystem restoration

The full scope document of the environment phase of the ITP can be found here:

Tourism Industry Transformation Plan: Te Taiao / The Environment phase – Scope [PDF, 199 KB]

Learn more about the Environment Tourism ITP Leadership Group

Keeping updated on the ITP

If you’re interested in following the progress of the Tourism ITP, we will aim to provide updates through the tourism stakeholder alert, which you can sign up to.

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Last updated: 08 November 2022