Updating the Health and Safety in Employment (Pipelines) Regulations 1999 to reflect current industry standards

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Submissions due: 04 February 2022, 5pm

The government is seeking feedback on their response to one of the recommendations of the Auckland Fuel Supply Disruption Inquiry, following the rupture of the Refinery to Auckland Pipeline (RAP) in September 2017.

In response to the rupture of the Refinery to Auckland Pipeline (RAP) in September 2017, the Auckland Fuel Supply Disruption Inquiry provided recommendations to better protect RAP and other similar infrastructure in the future.

A key recommendation from the Inquiry was to update the Health and Safety in Employment (Pipelines) Regulations 1999 (the Regulations) so that the legal requirements relating to pipeline operations match current industry standards, which Government has accepted. This consultation document seeks your feedback on Government’s response to this recommendation.

How to make a submission

Please make your submission using the submission template, as follows:

  1. Fill out your name and organisation in the table, “Your name and organisation”.
  2. Fill out your responses to the consultation document questions in the table, “Responses to discussion document questions”. Your submission may respond to any or all of the questions in the discussion paper. Where possible, please include evidence to support your views, for example references to independent research, facts and figures, or relevant examples.
  3. We also encourage your input on any other relevant issues in the “Other comments” section below the table.
  4. When preparing to send your submission:
    1. Delete these first two pages of instructions.
    2. Include your e-mail address and telephone number in the e-mail or cover letter accompanying your submission – we may contact submitters directly if we require clarification of any matters in submissions.
    3. If your submission contains any confidential information, clearly indicate this on the front of your submission or in the accompanying cover letter or e-mail. Any confidential information, together with reasons for withholding the information, should be clearly marked within the text of your submission. MBIE will take such objections into account and will consult with submitters when responding to requests under the Official Information Act 1982.
    4. Send your submission:
      • as a Microsoft Word document or searchable PDF to HSWregs@mbie.govt.nz (preferred), or
      • by mailing your submission to:

        Health and Safety Policy
        Workplace Relations and Safety Policy
        Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment
        PO Box 1473
        Wellington 6140

Please direct any questions that you have in relation to the submissions process to HSWregs@mbie.govt.nz.

Last updated: 09 December 2021