Proposed Intellectual Property Laws Amendment Bill

Submissions closed: 02 August 2019, 5pm

The proposed Intellectual Property Laws Amendment Bill is an omnibus bill intended to make ‘technical” amendments to the Patents Act 2013, the Trade Marks Act 2002, the Designs Act 1953 (the IP Laws), and the associated regulations.

The Bill is not intended to be a full policy review of these Acts, or to review the criteria for granting patents, or registering trade marks and designs.

The discussion document is split up into four sections. There is one each for patents issues, trade marks issues, and designs issues. The fourth section looks at the possible use by IPONZ of Artificial Intelligence to make complex discretionary decisions.

The issues we are seeking submissions on are set out in the discussion paper.  Submitters can make submissions on any or all of the issues, according to their interests.