A vision for hydrogen in New Zealand public consultation

Submissions closed: 25 October 2019, 5pm

A vision for hydrogen in New Zealand: Green paper

Consultation has now closed on the vision for hydrogen in New Zealand green paper.

About the consultation

This green paper looks at the scope of New Zealand’s hydrogen potential to frame discussions for a national strategy.

The Government is seeking your feedback on the potential for hydrogen production, export and utilisation in New Zealand economy.

This will feed into a wider renewable energy strategy for New Zealand, which is currently being developed. This will outline the renewable energy pathway to a clean, green carbon neutral for New Zealand by 2050.

The green paper asks 27 questions and seeks your feedback on the challenges and opportunities, and the Government’s role, in nine key areas:

  • Hydrogen production
  • Hydrogen electricity nexus
  • Hydrogen for mobility
  • Hydrogen for industrial processes
  • Hydrogen for seasonal power generation
  • Decarbonisation of our gas
  • Hydrogen for export
  • Innovation expands job opportunities
  • Transitioning the job market