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Risk, responsibility and liability in the building process: An exploration of the behaviours of home...

Published: 21 Sep 2018

This report looked at the behaviours of builders and homeowners around risk. It interviewed 18 homeowners and 16 builders. They were asked about the types of things they thought could go wrong during the building process, and the steps they took to manage those risks.


, 1.2MB, 52 pages

Regulatory charter: Competition system

Published: 29 Jun 2018

This document sets out the roles and responsibilities for participants in the competition system, the relationships between them, and how the participants will work together to address gaps, overlaps and uncertainties.


PDF, 496KB, 26 pages

A Guide to New Zealand’s Standards and Conformance System

Published: 1 Mar 2018

A Guide to New Zealand’s Standards and Conformance System provides a broad overview of the standards and conformance system in New Zealand, including the role of standards, conformance, accreditation, policy and regulations, and how they all fit together. It also provides examples of the various organisations involved in each of these processes, and links to their associated websites.




PDF, 983KB, 32 pages