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Tourism funding toolkit

Published: 16 Aug 2022

Many councils feel strongly that they need to respond to tourism needs, and that in the absence of tools to directly monetise tourism activities, a shortfall or “funding gap” is created that falls on general ratepayers, and impacts on resources available for other services. This toolkit seeks to address some of these concerns and highlights a range of examples of funding tools that have been used by councils across New Zealand to fund tourism related infrastructure.




PDF, 3.1MB, 34 pages

He Mahere Tiaki Kaimahi - draft Better Work Action Plan

Published: 10 Aug 2022

The draft Better Work Action Plan outlines the current state of the tourism workforce, where the Leadership Group wants to see the tourism workforce go, and the reasons for ‘Better Work’ being chosen as the first phase of the Tourism Industry Transformation Plan (ITP). There are 8 Tirohanga Hou (actions) proposed by the ITP Leadership Group that aim to address systemic challenges in the tourism workforce and support people working in tourism to thrive.


PDF, 5.4MB, 48 pages