Marlborough Regional Skills Leadership Group

The Marlborough Regional Skills Leadership Group identifies and supports better ways of meeting future skills and workforce needs in the region.

The Marlborough Regional Skills Leadership Group (RSLG) is one of 15 RSLGs set up to identify and support better ways of meeting future skills and workforce needs in our regions and cities.

RSLGs are part of a joined-up approach to labour market planning that sees our workforce, education and immigration systems working together to better meet the differing skills needs across the country. Find out more about the RSLG kaupapa:

Regional Skills Leadership Groups

Marlborough RSLG

The RSLG is co-chaired by Corey Hebberd and Jennifer Moxon.

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Regional Workforce Plan

The Marlborough RSLG is releasing its first Regional Workforce Plan in mid-2022. The plan will set out regional aspirations, priorities and actions for current and future workforce skills development in the region.

It will mainly focus on regional solutions to regional problems but will also suggest actions at a central government level where regional solutions may not be possible or the challenge or opportunity is a national one.

The plan will be available here once it is released. It will be refreshed annually.

Local insights reports

RSLGs are the eyes and ears on the ground in each region when it comes to labour market planning. Their regular insights reports are based on qualitative intel from stakeholders and partners about the local labour market.

Updates and other information

More information on the establishment of RSLGs including background documents can be found on the general Regional Skills Leadership Groups page:

Regional Skills Leadership Groups

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Last updated: 07 June 2022