Assessment of options and the design choices within them

We provide 2 options for changes to the NZSPG to meet our goals.

These options are discussed in this section and compared to the current NZSPG at Figure 2. Within these options are a range of design choices for the NZSPG settings to support the desired outcomes. The design choices and the options put forward here may be developed further and could be part of any final option pending feedback from this consultation and direction from Ministers and Cabinet. The final option put forward could also include no change to status quo. The final option will also be designed to maintain consistency with New Zealand’s international trade obligations.

We want to hear your views on which of these options you think will help to meet our goals, and the strengths and weaknesses of each of these design choices. We also want to hear any other changes you think should be made to increase the value generated from government investment in the screen sector.

How will we assess the relative merits of different options? 

We will use the following criteria to assess options. They may help you provide feedback on the options presented or any of the different design choices presented.

Criteria Description
Simplicity Is the option simple to understand, easy to comply with and can its intended purpose and impacts be easily understood and measured?
Certainty Will the option bring a high level of certainty to business decision making?
Equitable Does the option provide fair and reasonable treatment to groups accessing NZSPG support and to wider NZ? Does it uphold and progress the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi?
Cost-effective Will the option provide a greater return on investment compared with the status quo?
Fiscal sustainability Will the option support the improved fiscal sustainability of the NZSPG over time? i.e. the NZSPG is fiscally neutral or positive where the economic and cultural benefits outweigh the costs involved.

This section has been developed from analysis, a summary of which is included in Annex 1.

Annex 1: Summary of review findings and stakeholder engagement themes