Our Funding Partners

Outlined below are the Y2021 and Y2022 Māori initiatives funded by MBIE investing in the expansion of Māori economic development with the Industry Transformation Plans, creating partnership between business, workers, Māori, and Government.

The scope of the Fund is to enable Māori to be the creators, owners and leaders of industrial transformation ensuring Māori are well placed in our transition towards a low-emissions economy.

The Fund is one investment mechanism available to Māori within a wider public investment system. The Fund is unique, in that its eligibility and scope is broad – targeting a range of research, science, business and innovation initiatives at a system-wide level across all ITP sectors.

Enabling Māori Framework Fund Funded Projects

For more information, contact: emf@mbie.govt.nz(external link)

Last updated: 26 October 2023