Horticulture Technology Catalyst

The Horticulture Technology Catalyst will help to develop New Zealand’s horticulture technology sector into a high-growth, innovative industry cluster.

Across the world there is increased demand for sustainably grown food, including horticulture crops produced in New Zealand such as wine grapes, vegetables, and fruit. As the horticulture sector grows to meet this global demand, it faces challenges. These include adapting to and mitigating climate change, the availability of labour, and meeting consumer preferences such as food traceability. Horticulture technology provides innovative solutions to address some of these challenges. 

New Zealand’s horticulture technology industry has the potential to take advantage of this global demand and develop into a high-growth, innovative industry. The Horticulture Technology Catalyst will help it to achieve that. 

The Catalyst will bring together a range of services for horticulture technology companies, growers, investors, and research and tertiary institutes. These services will help to grow both the domestic sector and its global presence. It will do this by increasing collaboration and connections both here and overseas and developing industry talent. 

It will start providing services to those working in and with the horticulture technology industry by mid-2024. The Catalyst will co-ordinate across agencies with some services delivered by organisations such as Callaghan Innovation and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE). 

Industry connector

The Catalyst will make connections and improve collaboration across the industry, both within New Zealand and internationally. This will enhance our global reputation and increase opportunities to export our technologies. The Catalyst will showcase some of New Zealand’s horticulture technology successes, supply insights into the industry, and facilitate missions with international growers and potential collaborators. 

Talent development

The Catalyst will co-ordinate workforce placements and industry secondments. It will provide basic business and mentoring support. This will ensure there is an industry-ready workforce and high-value jobs for them. 

Project facilitation

The Catalyst will support the commercialisation of research and innovation. This will include webinars and workshops and advice on commercialisation, funding and investment. 

Read the detailed business case for the Horticulture Technology Catalyst Agritech Industry Transformation Plan:

Last updated: 14 August 2023