Food and Beverage Information Project

The Food and Beverage Project publishes comprehensive, data-driven reports on the current and evolving state of New Zealand's food and beverage sector.

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We work in partnership with the Ministry of Primary Industries and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise to manage the Food and Beverage Project and produce various reports about the sector.

The reports describe key market trends, identify investment opportunities and profile major businesses.

Who the reports are for

Over 30 detailed reports are available for use by:

  • investors (domestic or international)
  • industry participants (businesses and individuals)
  • government (across all roles and responsibilities)
  • scientific researchers (academic, government and corporate).


  • investment guides
  • emerging market and market opportunity reports
  • in-depth reports.

We also used to produce the Food and Beverage Directory which is discontinued for the time being.

What the reports provide

The reports provide:

  • analysis on the structure and dynamics of the industry
  • market trends information
  • information on future opportunities and threats
  • peer country comparisons.

The reports will help you to:

  • be more targeted in your market research
  • review and inform offshore market development (including export and investment) strategies
  • identify areas of innovation and research and development for the future
  • identify strategic partners and collaborators
  • benchmark performance with your competitors and better understand your own industry sector.
In this section

Investor guides

The Food and Beverage Project produces guides to investment opportunities in the New Zealand food and beverage sector.

Emerging market and in-depth reports

The Food and Beverage Project produces a range of reports about the food and beverage sector in New Zealand including emerging growth reports and in-depth reports.