Disclosure requirements

This page provides information about the disclosure requirements that will apply in the new financial advice regime after the Financial Services Legislation Amendment Act comes into force.

On 25 February 2019 Cabinet agreed on the disclosure requirements that will apply in the new financial advice regime. Once the new regime has come into force, anyone who gives regulated financial advice to a retail client will be required to disclose information regarding:

  • the licence they hold and certain duties that they are subject to
  • the financial advice services that they can provide, the range of products they can advise on, and any limitations on the advice
  • the applicable fees and costs associated with the advice
  • the commissions, incentives and other conflicts of interests that could impact the advice
  • the complaints handling and dispute resolution process
  • any previous disciplinary history, and certain criminal convictions or civil proceedings
  • in the case of financial advisers, bankruptcy proceedings within four years of the date of discharge.

The precise disclosure requirements are to be set in regulations. Cabinet has authorised the Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs to consult on draft regulations. We expect this consultation to take place in quarter 2, 2019.

Previous consultation

In developing the disclosure requirements we publicly consulted on proposed requirements, and completed consumer testing.


Last updated: 07 May 2019