We are responsible for administering certain aspects of the KiwiSaver Act 2006.

These include:

  • Part 4 of the Act which contains governance provisions relating to KiwiSaver schemes
  • Schedule 1 which contains the KiwiSaver scheme rules that apply to all KiwiSaver schemes.
In this section

Review of KiwiSaver default provider arrangements

We are reviwing the arrangements for providers of default KiwiSaver schemes to ensure they are delivering the best outcomes for default members.

Improvements to KiwiSaver annual statements

Every KiwiSaver investor receives an annual statement with information about their savings. Regulations are now in force changing the requirements for these annual statements.

Early access to KiwiSaver for people with life-shortening congenital conditions

The Government is proposing changes to the KiwiSaver Act to allow a person that has a life-shortening congenital condition to withdraw their savings early in order to spend a reasonable portion of their adult life in retirement.

Existing default KiwiSaver provider arrangements

The Government selected 9 KiwiSaver default providers for a 7-year term that started 1 July 2014.

Last updated: 29 July 2019