Asia region funds passport

The Asia region funds passport allows a managed fund based in one country to be offered more easily to investors in other participating countries.

The participating countries are New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Korea and Thailand. They signed a Memorandum of Understanding in 2016 to set up and implement the funds passport.

Europe has a similar passport initiative known as Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities or UCITS and it has been successful.

Access to more investment opportunities

New Zealand and the Asia region will both benefit from a managed funds passport.

The passport is intended to provide New Zealanders and investors in the Asia region with access to a greater range of investment opportunities.

It may also open up a new channel for international investment flows between New Zealand and participating economies in the Asia region. This, in turn, would deepen the region’s capital markets and support the development and competitiveness of the region’s fund management industry.

Implementation in New Zealand

In New Zealand, Financial Markets Conduct amendment regulations were made in May 2019 to implement the funds passport.


Financial Markets Conduct (Asia Region Funds Passport) Regulations 2019(external link)

Financial Markets Conduct (Asia Region Funds Passport) Amendment Regulations 2019(external link)

Financial Markets Conduct (Fees) Amendment Regulations 2019(external link)

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Funds passport key documents

The Memorandum of Cooperation [PDF 6.5MB] on the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation website(external link)

Cabinet paper approving regulation to implement funds passport [PDF, 199 KB]

Cabinet committee minute approving regulations to implement funds passport [PDF, 208 KB]

Regulatory Impact Statement 2016 for joining the funds passport [PDF, 64 KB]

Consultation paper - 2014 [PDF, 764 KB]

Consultation paper - 2015 [PDF 400KB](external link) 

Annexes 1, 2 and 3 [PDF 791KB](external link)

Minister's press release - 16 April 2014(external link)

Ministers’ press release - 21 September 2013(external link)

Statement of Intent and Framework document [PDF, 251 KB]