Development of a resource strategy

The Government has developed a draft Resource Strategy for minerals and petroleum.

The draft Resource Strategy is a 10-year strategy that articulates the Government’s long term vision for the minerals and petroleum sector in New Zealand and supports the transition to a low emissions future and a productive, sustainable and inclusive economy.

The draft Resource Strategy was developed with the input of Treaty partners and other interested parties. It is now out for public consultation to provide everyone with the opportunity to discuss how New Zealand can sustainably derive value from its petroleum and minerals resources.

The Resource Strategy will be used to inform a review of the Crown Minerals Act 1991. The review of the legislation is to ensure it is fit for purpose to meet the needs of all New Zealanders and a discussion document is due to be released in late 2019.

The Terms of Reference for the Crown Minerals Act Tranche Two Review [PDF, 289 KB]

Last updated: 27 August 2019