Our priorities

Our purpose is to Grow New Zealand for all. We have identified 15 programmes which, once delivered, will do the most to lift New Zealand’s economic performance and provide a better standard of living for all New Zealanders. MBIE will work closely with other agencies, including central and local government, businesses, and Māori to advance these priorities.

Government Procurement

MBIE is working to improve Government Procurement practices to ensure government spending encourages innovation and growth while providing value for money.

Regulatory Systems

MBIE is taking a living systems approach to the 16 Regulatory Systems it is responsible for. This will ensure New Zealand continues to have well-regulated and competitive markets that businesses and consumers have confidence in.

Result 9: Better for Business

This multi-agency programme is transforming the way the public sector works to make it easier for business to interact with Government.

Vision 2015

MBIE is rolling out operational and IT related changes to increase the quality and flexibility, and lower the cost of immigration services.

Digital Economy

MBIE is rolling out initiatives to enable a successful, knowledge-intensive and productive New Zealand economy. A key workstream is the roll-out of ultra-fast and rural broadband – essential for the development of innovative cities and regions and for connecting New Zealand to the world. Other work includes growing digital participation and ICT skills; and improving firm use of ICT.

Labour Market and Skills

MBIE is advancing work to ensure our Labour Market and Skills systems deliver good outcomes for New Zealand’s businesses and workers. Priorities include improving the operations of the employment relations and standards systems; implementing health and safety reforms; and ensuring our tertiary education system delivers programmes that are relevant to the economy.

Science and Innovation

MBIE is working to maximise the impact and economic returns to New Zealand from our Science and Innovation systems. We have published the National Statement of Science Investment; and our focus for the remainder of the year will include implementing National Science Challenges; initiatives to increase business investment in research and development; improving international connections; and encouraging the development of innovation hubs and precincts.

Smart Investment

MBIE is focussed on ensuring capital markets provide savers and investors with confidence. This includes supporting the development of capital markets to ensure they have sufficient depth and diversity to attract investor and entrepreneur migrants, multi-national firms investing in R&D in New Zealand, and high quality foreign direct investment into every part of New Zealand, including our regional and Māori businesses.

Housing Affordability

Well-functioning housing markets are important for an inclusive and growing economy. MBIE is working to improve affordability through freeing up land for residential development; improving building and housing regulations; construction workforce planning; and implementing improvements to rental housing quality.

Petroleum and Minerals

MBIE is leading work to sustainably derive greater value from our Petroleum and Minerals resource base. This includes work to attract investors and competent operators to New Zealand, and work to ensure safety and environmental protection regulation is fit for purpose and provides assurance for communities.


MBIE is working to ensure we maintain and advance our competitive position through the productive use of energy, new energy technologies and renewable energy. Priorities include ensuring regulatory and policy settings promote efficient investment in new energy technology and the smart use of energy, and work to address barriers to firms internationalising their renewable resource expertise.

Auckland and Regions

Auckland represents a third of the national economy and its ability to grow, attract skilled workers and business investment, and diversify into high value exports is critical for New Zealand as a whole. MBIE is working to ensure we make the most of Auckland’s unique role in our economy, with a particular focus on South Auckland.

MBIE is also working to enable more dynamic and better connected Regions. This includes completing regional growth studies for selected regions and working with these regions to help them develop Regional Economic Action Plans.


MBIE is continuing to support the regeneration of Canterbury. This includes supporting the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority in its implementation of the Greater Christchurch Transition Recovery Plan.

Māori Economy

MBIE has a leadership role, alongside Te Puni Kōkiri, in enabling Māori economic development. The Māori economic sector has great potential to improve outcomes for Māori whānau and business, and the New Zealand economy as a whole. Priorities include improving Māori businesses’ export performance and innovation, ability to attract capital, and Māori skills and vocational outcomes.


MBIE is working with industry stakeholders to achieve long-term growth in the economic value of Tourism. Priorities include improving productivity through the Tourism Growth Partnership, leveraging investments in cycle trails, convention centres, and major events; working with others to realise opportunities from the China market; helping the industry to identify and address its medium- to long-term labour and skills needs.