Shining the light on screen workers

Published: 06 October 2022

Improved working conditions for workers in the screen industry is now a reality with the Screen Industry Workers Act passing into law.

The new workplace relations regime allows contractors in the screen industry to bargain collectively. It also increases protections for workers in cases of bullying, discrimination and harassment and sets clear standards for contracts in the industry.

The screen industry, which has significant cultural and economic value to Aotearoa New Zealand, worked closely with MBIE during the development of the Act. This ensures the regime improves workers’ rights and reflects the needs of the industry.

The main features of the new law include:

  • A requirement for all screen production workers to have written contracts which contain mandatory terms.
  • A framework allowing occupation-wide collective contracts to be negotiated, which will set minimum terms for all contractors in those occupations. Bargaining is also possible within productions or production companies.
  • A tiered dispute resolution system to support parties to resolve issues that may arise during the course of a contractual relationship or collective bargaining.

The Act will come into force on 30 December 2022. For workers and companies who already have contracts in place, a transitional 12-month period is included for specific requirements.

For more information on the Screen Industry Workers Act, visit the MBIE website:

Information about the Screen Industry Workers Act 2022

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