Regenerative tourism focus for industry partnership

Published: 17 November 2021

The next steps in the tourism industry’s recovery, announced today, involves a partnership between industry, workers and government.

The Tourism Industry Transformation Plan (ITP) will have an overall focus on regenerative tourism – ensuring the tourism system gives back more to people and places than it takes.

This will mean investing more in people, deepening the talent pool and providing better work for those in the tourism and hospitality industries. For this reason, the first stage of the ITP is about Better Work, followed by tourism’s relationship with the environment.

The ITP will build on recent work by the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, Tourism Futures Taskforce and Climate Change Commission, among others, to lift industry standards and transform it to a more sustainable model.

The ITP will be led by three co-chairs:

  • Gráinne Troute, chair of Tourism Industry Aotearoa as industry co-chair
  • John Crocker, National Secretary of Unite Union as the union co-chair 
  • Karl Woodhead, acting General Manager, Tourism Branch, MBIE as the government co-chair.

The co-chairs will be supported by a wider leadership group.

Read more about the ITP, the co-chairs and leadership group.

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