Refreshed priorities for Antarctic Research

Published: 17 December 2021

The Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade, Ministry of Primary Industries, Antarctic New Zealand, and the Department of Conservation are pleased to announce new, refreshed, and modern priorities, for New Zealand’s Antarctic and Southern Ocean research under the main theme of global change.

Aotearoa New Zealand’s environment is intrinsically connected to Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. From our earliest Polynesian voyages south, through to New Zealand’s more than 60-year Antarctic Southern Ocean research effort, and the establishment of Scott Base in 1957, New Zealanders have a deep connection to this unique environment on our southern border. It is part of our heritage and a critical part of our future.

While it might not feel long ago, it’s been close to a decade since the government set out the directions and priorities for New Zealand’s research and science in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. The enduring priorities that form the basis of the research have not changed. Researchers continue to prioritise the environmental protection of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean; value in heavily placed on health and productive ecosystems; and we remain steadfast in our commitment to protecting biodiversity.

The planet and its people have been through a lot has happened in that decade. Now more than ever, we need to home in on our abilities to understand processes in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean and the huge influence it has on our planet’s climate system. It also has larger implications of global climate change for future generations of New Zealanders and for our planet.

You can read more about these priorities at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade website.

Aotearoa New Zealand Antarctic Research Directions and Priorities(external link) — Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade

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