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Published: 26 May 2022

A new Tourism Data Co-governance Group has been appointed to help create a more collaborative and targeted tourism data system that will benefit Aotearoa New Zealand’s tourism sector as it rebounds from the effects of COVID-19.

Dr Keri-Anne Wikitera, Senior Lecturer in Tourism at Auckland University of Technology, and Chris Roberts, former Chief Executive of Tourism Industry Aotearoa have been appointed as co-chairs of the Group.

Dr Wikitera and Mr Roberts are joined by 8 members who are all highly regarded in their respective fields and have a wealth of experience across the tourism industry, academia and government.

The tourism industry has long identified a need for quality tourism data and insights, and the COVID-19 pandemic further highlighted the need for better data to support the industry’s resilience and sustainability.

One of the key priorities for the Group is to identity what users (including industry, central and local government, communities, iwi, interest groups, academics and commentators) need, how best government and industry can work together to address those needs, and how the plan can generate value for its users.

The Group will share findings with its stakeholders, and will support the implementation of potential solutions, including the best way to provide data and insights to users.

People who use tourism data and insights, whether they’re a small or large operator, an industry or iwi representative, a commentator or from central or local government, will start to notice the difference of having the Group in place. 

View all of the Tourism Data Co-governance Group appointments in the link below:

Tourism Data Co-governance Group establishment and appointments

Background information

Prior to the Group’s establishment, it was agreed across industry and government to move to a more collaborative data system. This stemmed from the Tourism Information and Data Hui in 2019. Since then, the Group has been appointed in consultation with industry, including joint work on the Terms of Reference for the Group and the application and appointment processes.

The Tourism Information and Data Hui

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