Nationwide workshops about NZ’s journey to low emissions

Published: 01 March 2023

Aotearoa New Zealand is on a journey to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, and this will bring changes to how we all live, work and get around.

This transition to a low emissions future will bring opportunities, including well-paying jobs in new industries, as well as challenges, such as re-training people for low-emissions work and changing how we travel.

Other changes could include petrol, electricity and food becoming more expensive. However, there are also opportunities to improve wellbeing, such as by making homes warm, dry and energy efficient, and transport more accessible.

These changes will affect some people and communities more than others. The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment and the Ministry of Social Development are working on a strategy to ensure that the transition to a low emissions future is fair and inclusive.

Join a workshop near you in March

A series of nationwide workshops are being held around New Zealand in March. These workshops are a chance to discuss how the transition to a low emissions future will affect you, and to give your views on how the challenges should be managed.

You can also take a survey, or email us, if you are unable to attend a workshop. Together we can make the journey to a low emissions tomorrow fair, and inclusive.

Please see the web page for more information: – Have your say

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