High level of support for improvements to research, science and innovation system

Published: 30 June 2022

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has today released a summary of submissions on Te Ara Paerangi – Future Pathways, a programme that opens a wide-ranging conversation on issues facing the research, science and innovation system.

Summary of submissions report

MBIE opened consultation on the Te Ara Paerangi – Future Pathways Green Paper in October 2021. The Green paper explores how to enable a modern, future focused research and science system that is connected, adaptable, resilient and diverse.

“Overall, submissions agree with the issues described in the Green Paper, and express a high level of support for changes to the research, science and innovation system,” says Iain Cossar, General Manager, Science, Innovation and International.

“We received 885 written submissions from a variety of sectors within the research, science and innovation system. While these submissions expressed a range of views, we heard a consistent message that we need to modernise the research, science and innovation system, and we received a number of suggestions on how that can happen.”

MBIE has published the summary report in 2 parts:

  • a general report summarising all submissions and engagements
  • a report summarising Māori submissions and engagements.

The major themes from submissions include:

  • broad support for greater prominence of Te Tiriti o Waitangi in research, science and innovation policies and structures
  • an interest in moving to research priorities that focus on national challenges and opportunities
  • concern around the nature, availability and longevity of funding
  • interest in workforce issues such as equity, career development, and precarity and mobility
  • support for greater connections and collaboration in the system rather than competition across the whole of the research, science and innovation system

“I would like to thank everyone who took the time to make submissions on the Green Paper,” says Iain Cossar.

“We have heard what matters to stakeholders about our future research, science and innovation sector and we highly value their input and expertise.

“The next step on Te Ara Paerangi – Future Pathways is to use the feedback we received on the Green Paper to inform the development of policy.

“We will also be analysing research, data and international comparisons and engaging with the sector before we develop our proposed policy options for further consultation,” says Iain Cossar.

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