Government announces mandatory unit pricing for supermarkets

Published: 19 December 2022

The Government has announced new rules that will require supermarkets and other large grocery retailers to clearly and consistently display unit pricing for grocery products. Generally this will be per kilogram or per litre.

Under the new regulations, unit pricing will be mandatory for grocery products sold in grocery stores with a floorspace above 1,000 square metres. It will also be required in online grocery stores and in some forms of advertising. Stores with a smaller footprint, such as dairies, specialist retailers, and international supermarkets, will be excluded from the standard – unless they choose to comply voluntarily.

This information will help shoppers to compare the prices of similar products and choose the best deal for their needs. It’s particularly helpful where products are sold in different sized packaging and by different brands.

In early 2023, MBIE will consult on technical details of the unit pricing standard to ensure it works effectively in practice.

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