Electrical Workers Registration Board takes action against illegal and dangerous electrical work

Published: 21 September 2022

The Electrical Workers Registration Board (the Board) is asking consumers to check their electrical worker is licenced following recent action taken against illegal and dangerous prescribed electrical work, that had the potential of causing serious harm.

In July, Naveen Kumaran was ordered by the North Shore District Court to pay more than $8,000 in fines and court costs after a prosecution the Board took against him for misrepresenting himself to clients as a registered electrician, knowingly performing unauthorised prescribed electrical work and permitting an unauthorised person to carry out prescribed electrical work at properties in Manurewa and Papakura.

Mr Kumaran convinced his clients that he was entitled to carry out prescribed electrical work by presenting a business card falsely stating that he is a ‘certified electrician’. 

Naveen Kumaran also known as Francis Kumar, trading as Kumar Electrical Services, has previously been charged for similar offending and was found guilty towards charges laid in 2016 and 2018. The Board found that Mr Kumaran continued to offend while the previous matter was still before courts for sentencing.

“In the case of Mr Kumaran, he had full knowledge that he is not entitled to carry out any prescribed electrical work and continued to do so knowingly. Pretending to be a registered electrical worker and carrying out prescribed electrical work is not only deceitful, but also highly dangerous for everyone involved,” says Duncan Connor, Registrar of Electrical Workers.

“When hiring an electrical worker, people should ensure that they are registered by checking the public register of licensed electrical workers and asking to see their licence card before hiring them. This is to protect their safety and avoid electrical hazards that could have serious consequences.”

The Board recently took disciplinary action and cancelled the registration and licence of an electrical worker, Gary Rossouw who held a licence as an electrician. Investigations were carried out into 2 complaints that alleged that the work undertaken was extremely poor, dangerous to people and property and, was completed in a negligent manner. In addition to the fines awarded by the Board, it cancelled Mr Rossouw’s licence and registration for 5 years.

“The Board’s decision to cancel Mr Rossouw’s registration and licence reflect the seriousness of his wrongdoing and the important role of the Board to ensure that those undertaking electrical work are competent. People have the right to expect that when they employ an electrical worker to carry out prescribed electrical work that it’s completed safely and to the required standard” says Mr Connor.

“The electrical work undertaken by these 2 individuals had the potential to be dangerous and cause significant harm to people and property, which is why the Board took action to stop these individuals from operating,” says Mr Connor.

“All complaints about unregistered electrical workers and poor or dangerous electrical work are taken seriously and investigated by the Board, who will not hesitate to prosecute those undertaking illegal prescribed electrical work.”

“We hope that by sharing information about these cases that consumers know to always hire a licensed electrical worker. That way consumers will have more rights under consumer law if anything goes wrong.”

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