Code of ethics for Licensed Building Practitioners has now come into effect

Published: 26 October 2022

The Licenced Building Practitioners (LBP) code of ethics is now in effect.

The code of ethics provides assurance to consumers that the LBP they choose to hire will be held to a high standard, that aligns with international best practice.

LBPs are experts who have been assessed as competent to carry out building work essential to the structure or weathertightness of residential buildings. The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment administers the LBP scheme, which encourages better building design and construction, and gives the public confidence that LBPs working on their homes are competent, and that homes and buildings are designed and built right the first time.

The new code of ethics sets out expectations for professional and ethical behaviour from LBPs, so that consumers can feel more confident about their building projects, and gives them guidance about what to do if things go wrong.

“The vast majority of LBPs are already working to the highest professional and ethical standards. Codes of ethics are common tools in industry regulation to promote ethical and professional behaviour, so the LBP scheme was an outlier in not having one,” says Duncan Connor, Registrar of Licensed Building Practitioners.

“We are pleased to see that consumers now have more clarity on what they should expect from an LBP, and that LBPs themselves have clear guidelines on how to behave.”

The code of ethics is divided into 4 key principles:

  1. Work safely
  2. Act within the law
  3. Take responsibility for your actions
  4. Behave professionally.

Each principle is supported by clear standards, which outline how the principle applies in practice.

For consumers, the code of ethics  is a fundamental aspect when laying a complaint against an LBP.

“The Code provides clear grounds for the Board to take disciplinary action against LBPs  who behave unprofessionally, enabling the Board to issue fines or revoke licences where necessary,” says Duncan.

“Anyone can make a complaint to the Building Practitioners Board with confidence that the Board can address their concerns.”

Complaints about someone breaching the code of ethics can only be made if the breach took place from 25 October 2022.

If you think an LBP has breached the code of ethics and not conducted work in a safe, legal or professional way, you are encouraged to make a complaint to the Board. All complaints are taken seriously. To make a complaint, fill out the LBP complaint form.

LBP complaint form(external link)

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