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Horse coach manufacturer fined for unlicensed electrical work 17 December 2018

A manufacturer of horse coaches has been prosecuted for undertaking electrical work that he was not licenced to carry out, with the help of his cousin.

Licensed building practitioner has licence cancelled for 10 years 14 December 2018

A licensed building practitioner (LBP) who underquoted work on an Auckland home by nearly $250,000 has been disciplined by the Building Practitioners Board (the Board) for carrying out building work in a negligent or incompetent manner, failing to provide a record of work, and bringing the LBP scheme into disrepute.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment's decision on aluminium composite panel (ACP) CodeMark certificates 12 November 2018

All six of the original aluminium composite panel (ACP) CodeMark certificates suspended in July, have been removed from the CodeMark register, with each certificate either being revoked by MBIE, withdrawn by the manufacturer, or reissued as a new certificate following revision.