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Impacts of Economic Transitions on Firms, Workers, Regions and Households

Published: 19 Nov 2022

This literature review explores the impacts of economic transitions on firms, workers, regions, and households. The purpose of this review is to define the problem that economic transitions pose for the labour market (and the key actors within that) and wider economy, and to identify particular impacts (pain points) that could be targeted through interventions within a just transitions process. It is important to acknowledge that economic transitions occur in a complex system of wider structural and social changes that can have a flow-on impact for families and individuals for years to come.


PDF, 742KB, 32 pages

Joint memo from BusinessNZ and the NZCTU on the Just Transition gap analysis and Future of Work Trip...

Published: 19 Sept 2022

At the March 2022 Forum on Just Transitions, the Future of Work Tripartite Forum agreed to a shared definition of a Just Transition. This shared definition sets out the principles of a Just Transition for the specific purpose of enabling the Forum to scope a national strategy and programme of work that meets these principles.


PDF, 216KB, 4 pages