Taitokerau Regional Skills Leadership Group

Te Purunga ki Te Raki – Taitokerau Regional Skills Leadership Group identifies and supports better ways of meeting future skills and workforce needs in the region.

Te Purunga ki Te Raki – Taitokerau Regional Skills Leadership Group (RSLG) is one of 15 RSLGs set up to identify and support better ways of meeting future skills and workforce needs in our regions and cities.

RSLGs are part of a joined-up approach to labour market planning that sees our workforce, education and immigration systems working together to better meet the differing skills needs across the country. Find out more about the RSLG kaupapa:

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Taitokerau RSLG

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Regional Workforce Plan

The RSLG has been gifted the name Te Purunga ki Te Raki by Matua Pita Tipene, who says the puru, while small, is a significant symbol of our waka histories through time:

“Te Purunga literally means ‘The Plug’. If you are familiar with a waka, you’ll know that the ‘puru’ is the cork in the hull. If the cork isn’t in place, you’ll be continuously bailing water – or sinking.”

The concept of the puru is a simple but dynamic metaphor from which we can consider and bind the various dimensions of our Regional Workforce Plan. It allows members of the RSLG to interpret and consider innovative approaches at a more personal and intuitive level. The Regional Workforce Plan has developed these interpretations in collaboration with iwi, mana whenua, industry, workers, economic development groups, local and central government agencies, and the wider regional community.

The region’s first workforce plan is underpinned by a Mātauranga Māori framework and establishes a foundation from which the interpretations can continue to be explored, executed and understood and underscore the aspirations of the regional workforce plan: Kīwaha Kia tu kaha ai tatou, puta noa te ao – Stand connected with confidence and competence anywhere in the world. These aspirations underpin the 3 objectives of the plan:

  • Te Taiao – ensuring recovery from COVID-19 related workforce impacts such as health workforce, resilience and climate change
  • Mātauranga – supporting a productive economy through workforce planning
  • He Tāngata – supporting regional skills and training opportunities to enable whānau aspirations.

This will lead to greater resilience across the workforce, and access to skills so people can reach their own aspirations.

In July 2023 the Te Purunga ki Te Raki RSLG released its 2023 RWP Reflections document. The 2023 RWP provides reflections on the progress of the implementation of the RWP since its publication in November 2022. These RWPs should be read together.

Te Purunga ki Te Raki Regional Workforce Plans

Local insights reports

RSLGs are the eyes and ears on the ground in each region when it comes to labour market planning. Their regular insights reports are based on qualitative intel from stakeholders and partners about the local labour market.

You are welcome to quote from any report below – please attribute the Taitokerau Regional Skills Leadership Group, an independent advisory group on regional skills and workforce development. ​

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Progress reports on RWP actions

More information on the establishment of RSLGs including background documents can be found on the general Regional Skills Leadership Groups page:

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Last updated: 25 October 2023