Features of the MOUs

The activities and deliverables that were promised by the studios in return for the uplift funding are summarised below. For the reasons shown in the 'Productions associated with Memorandums of Understanding (MOU)' section, the table does not include details of the MOU for the Avatar sequels and the Amazon project.

It should be noted that the New Zealand Film Commission (NZFC) was a signatory to all of the MOUs, as well as being a specified beneficiary from a number of them; for example, through official partner recognition and delivery of screen materials for its own promotional purposes. Tourism New Zealand (TNZ) and Education New Zealand (ENZ) were signatories to the MOUs where they were specified beneficiaries, in a similar fashion to the NZFC. 

The table indicates that, typically, the MOUs have contained undertakings by the studios receiving the grant to provide various forms of screen content and other publicity materials to the NZFC, and/or other New Zealand agencies, for promotional purposes.  They generally also commit the studios to provide internships and/or mentorships to New Zealand film professionals, to enable them to broaden their experience (We note that the Significant Economic Benefits points test changed in 2017, removing the requirement for a skills or internship aspect under the criteria). They will often include commitments to transfer technology to New Zealand firms contracting on productions  On occasion, they have provided for the inclusion of identifiably Kiwi characters in the filming. 1 MOU also provided for the investment in a significant amount of production infrastructure. 

Key features of the MOUs

Production: Ghost in the Shell

Studio: Paramount

  • Tourism NZ, NZFC and Callaghan Innovation given official partner recognition
  • TNZ hosted tourism experiences for cast and used associated imagery
  • Paramount also provided film and related content for upload to electronic press kits
  • Skills and talent development (via production mentorships)
  • Showcasing (e.g. credits and promotions) for NZ fashion sector providing costume for the production
  • Familiarisation of NZ crew to new lighting and camera technology

Production: Mortal Engines

Studio: MRC Holdings

  • Promotion of film, education and innovation in NZ, using a facilitator from production team
  • Official partner recognition, via on screen acknowledgements and promotions, and provision of content for Education New Zealand
  • Supply of materials to promote benefits of a production to NZ stakeholders

Production: Mulan

Studio: Disney

  • Support for a 2-day ‘Women and inclusion summit’  to profile the growing role of women in the screen sector
  • Marketing activities, incl. screen credits, content, PR and social media content for use to promote NZ as a great place to film, plus PR and social media content
  • Profiling for NZ UAV (drone) and VR technology used in filming, plus 1-day technology sharing forum, plus invitations for NZ companies to bid for UAV and VR services
  • Paid professional & training placements (production roles), plus production internships

Production: The Meg

Studio: Warner Bros

  • Official partner recognition for ATEED and NZFC, incl on-screen credits
  • Partner global publicity campaign, and visual media to promote NZ as a great place to film
  • Placement of NZ in the production through casting of a prominent NZ character
  • Paid mentorships
  • Investment in NZ infrastructure at Kumeu Film Studios
  • Investment in innovation, technology or knowledge transfer, through contracting NZ tech companies in the production process

Production: Pete’s Dragon

Studio: Disney

  • TNZ and NZFC promoted through Official Partner recognition, press releases / social media / screen credits etc
  • TNZ hosted cast and crew at tourism experiences, and received footage and stills to use in own campaigns, plus testimonials from cast/ crew
  • Mentorships for: NZ screen writer, Associate Producer and Marketing & publicity liaison person

Production: Power Rangers (Dino Charge)

Studio: Saban Entertainment

  • NZ to be promoted as a destination for the film industry, including through behind-the -scenes materials
  • Production showcase for NZFC website and content for ATEED delegation to US
  • Power Rangers profile at Comic Con, featuring NZ
  • NZ actor and NZ references
  • Internships (paid roles) for writing and directing.
Last updated: 31 August 2023