Te wetewete i ngā hua o te rere ātea-ā-rangi | Unlocking the benefits of aerospace

Aotearoa New Zealand has strengths across the aerospace value chain, in research and development, manufacturing, operations, and data processing. Aotearoa New Zealand also has natural advantages for aerospace activities.

The diversity of our geography is ideal for developing and testing a variety of technologies. Our unique position surrounded by clear sea and skies provides access to a wide range of launch and take-off angles. Our low-population density and large open spaces provide opportunity for safe trialling and testing of new technologies.

Aotearoa New Zealand’s cutting-edge research capabilities are supported by a highly educated workforce. We know that further steps are necessary to support the pipeline of talent entering the sector, including by addressing barriers to participation in relevant education and training, as well as wider efforts to support diversity and inclusion in the sector.

While New Zealand has a business-friendly environment and a government that supports innovation, we know we need to continue addressing emerging barriers to innovation as the global sector evolves and opportunities arise. This includes paying close attention to coordination across the government system.

Positioning our sector to take advantage of opportunities will require future-focused, anticipatory policy and regulation that enables our sector to continue to develop safely and to mitigate a range of national security risks. Continued investment in our regulatory agencies will be important for ensuring our policy and regulatory systems keep pace with technology development to maintain the safety and security of New Zealanders.

Hands holding a drone remote control