Scheme governance

Governance of the GDSR aims to be light touch and use existing structures where possible, while retaining robust processes to ensure trust and credibility in the scheme and ensure proper use of public funds. We want to hear your views on the following initial proposals and any other factors you feel are important to consider.

MBIE has policy responsibility for the GDSR and NZ On Air will be the delivery agency. NZ On Air was chosen for its experience in administering large funds, its ability to draw on existing structures such as legal and auditing personnel, and its capacity to scale up quickly to deliver the rebate. Delivering the rebate through a creative sector entity also provides an opportunity to align economic development and cultural policy goals by supporting sustainable employment, and to support arts and media in the digital environment.

NZ On Air will receive and process applications, make rebate payments, and be the point of contact for businesses seeking rebate support. It will also assist in gathering information to inform reviews of the scheme and assessments of its effectiveness.

MBIE will work with NZ On Air to establish governance of the GDSR. The overall aim will be to provide oversight of the efficient and effective delivery of the GDSR, and to retain focus on the overarching goals of the scheme – that is, to catalyse growth and job creation in mid- to large-sized game development studios to strengthen the domestic sector, and ultimately to contribute to creating a pipeline of developers and a sustainable ecosystem of domestic firms that develops homegrown intellectual property and puts talent development at the forefront.

As game development forms part of the Government’s Digital Technologies ITP, we also propose the Digital Technologies ITP Partnership Board receive regular reporting on the implementation of the scheme (e.g. six-monthly, with the provision for more frequent updates initially). The Partnership Board plays a key role in overseeing the implementation of the ITP (where game development contributes to the export success pillar), steering the direction of future ITP priority areas, and providing strategic oversight and guidance for the ITP.

Reviews of decisions

It will be important to have clear processes for complaints and for reviews of decisions made about applications and rebate payments. These will be elaborated with NZ On Air. In the first instance, we suggest queries and complaints should be directed to NZ On Air. Where issues cannot be resolved, parties may seek further assistance from the Ombudsman.

Fraudulent claims

Fraudulent claims will be pursued under the relevant legislation and may incur penalties.

Questions on scheme governance

  • What are your views on setting up good oversight of the GDSR?
  • Do you agree with the proposals for reviewing decisions? Why, or why not? What would be better?