Phase 1

Phase 1 of NZRIS is well under way, with the first data providers due to start submitting data from the end of September this year. Here you’ll find information about the type of data that will be submitted in Phase 1, and how it will be managed.

Phase 1 data provider organisations

The first data to be submitted to NZRIS will come from three major research funding organisations: the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment; the Royal Society Te Apārangi; and The Health Research Council of New Zealand.

These organisations are known as NZRIS early data providers, and they will provide data about the various funds that they manage. These include the Royal Society Te Apārangi’s Marsden Fund, MBIE’s Endeavour Fund and the Health Research Council’s Partnership Programme, among others.

Take a look at our fact sheet about NZRIS Phase 1 [PDF, 456 KB]

Phase 1 data

The three data providers will submit data that relates to their funds. The data will include information about the awards they have granted, the purpose and amounts of those awards, and who has received them.

The data submitted needs to meet the NZRIS Data Specifications in order to be accepted by the system. The specifications require data to be broken down into a series of standardised “data entities”. A data entity is a table of data fields relating to one topic or aspect – for example, the NZRIS data entity known as “Asset Pool” is used to describe a research fund, and it includes data fields such as its name, size and establishment date.

NZRIS Data specifications [DOCX, 2.5 MB]

The data entities that each data provider will submit in Phase 1 include:

Asset Pool – this describes the research fund or other resource, and includes information such as the name of the asset pool and its purpose.

Award Granted – this describes the awards granted through the Asset Pool, such as the dollar amount, who has received them and the purpose of the Award.

Resource distributed – this describes way in which the resource (through the Award) is distributed and amounts paid.

Organisation/Person – these include the organisations and names of people that have received awards or have been involved in administering them.

Most of the data that will be submitted is already publicly available on the data provider organisation’s own websites. You can take a look here:

Public vs protected data

Data that is submitted to NZRIS must either be protected or marked as public by the data provider. Data may need to be protected where it is commercially sensitive, for example.

Protected data will be held in a secure data warehouse where it is accessible only to the organisation that submitted it, and the NZRIS custodian. It will not be accessible publicly.

Data marked as public will be released to the NZRIS website where it will be publicly available. 

Diagram showing how data moves through the system
NZRIS graphic
Last updated: 28 August 2020