Getting ready

This page is for organisations that fund and undertake research and want to join NZRIS as a data provider once it is up and running.

NZRIS is being introduced in 3 phases, with more organisations joining at each phase. Right now we are in Phase 1 which includes the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment; the Health Research Council of New Zealand; and the Royal Society of New Zealand – Te Apārangi.

Phases 2 and 3 won’t start until next year, and the NZRIS programme will work directly with the relevant organisations to help them prepare when these phases begin.

Even so, any organisation wanting to find out more about what’s involved in getting ready for NZRIS can find out more here.

We’ve identified 3 main stages to preparing for NZRIS – the first stage is finding out what’s involved in being a data provider, the second stage is understanding how to prepare and submit data, and the third stage covers your ongoing participation in NZRIS as you make subsequent data submissions. We are currently preparing readiness material setting out more detail on each stage, and will share this as soon as it’s completed.

Last updated: 11 May 2021