Advice from previous Assessment Panels to applicants

General advice from previous Assessment Panels to potential applicants of Te Pūnaha Hihiko: Vision Mātauranga Capability Fund (VMCF).

Connect and engage with your partner organisations

We encourage applicants to use their partner organisations expertise where available in the development and submission of a proposal.

Centre Placement schemes on a named Placement individual

Placement schemes must be centred on the Placement individual.  Placement proposals must have a named Placement, with a CV for assessment to ensure suitability for delivery.

Clearly describe Vision Mātauranga outcomes

Vision Mātauranga outcomes should be well described and articulated in the proposal. For example, providing more clarity of approach with regard to holders,  owners and utilisation of mātauranga; protocols employed to ensure appropriate partnerships and participation; and consideration of contextual implications such as WAI262 (the claim under the Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975 to flora and fauna).

Describe how you will provide feedback on project findings

Describe how you will feedback your project findings to study participants, partner organisations and members of the community.  If the project contains engagement or dissemination work, there should be at least an outline of a proposed engagement plan.

Information provided in applications should be concise and relevant.

Demonstrate awareness of ethical considerations

Ensure that you demonstrate your awareness of the ethical considerations required for your project and how these will be addressed. For example, there may be important ethical implications for sharing mātauranga if the project will lead to commercial benefit. If rangatahi will be included in the project, there should be ethical consideration around parental consent.

Include an Intellectual Property management plan

We strongly encourage an Intellectual Property management plan. For a good example, see The Intellectual Property management plan(external link) from the “Science for Technological Innovation” National Science Challenge.

Clearly describe how your proposal was co-developed

Ensure that you describe how your proposal was co-developed with your partner(s).  Include here clarification of mandate where organisations propose to represent iwi, hapū or whanau particularly where projects involve land use, taonga or mātauranga.

Build on previous VMCF work

For proposals that build on previous VMCF funding, describe how the new proposal builds upon previous work. 

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Last updated: 15 September 2021