New Zealand Registered Architects Board – Member

On behalf of the Minister for Building and Construction, the Ministry is seeking candidates who wish to be considered for appointment as a Member of the New Zealand Registered Architects Board.

About the Board

The New Zealand Registered Architects Board (the Board) is a body corporate, established under section 47 of the Registered Architects Act 2005 (the Act), to carry out three main regulatory functions: registration, continued registration (i.e. ensuring registered architects maintain competence and professionalism in their career) and complaints and discipline.

The Registered Architects Act 2005 (the Act) provides a registration framework and protects the title of ‘registered architect’ for those who meet the minimum standards to be registered. Registered architects are bound by a code of ethics and are accountable for their work through a complaints and disciplinary process, which is administered by the NZRAB. 


The Board comprises of six to eight members, four of which are nominated by the New Zealand Institute of Architects and four other persons recommended by the responsible Minister. All members are appointed by the responsible Minister.  Members can serve terms of up to five years. 

The Board’s functions

The Board’s role is to decide who can be, and continue to be a Registered Architect. The Board is responsible for the development and administration of rules about competency standards, ethics, and complaints and discipline of members of the profession.

The Board’s functions are to:

  • make rules relating to registered architects that are prepared and approved in accordance with the Act
  • register architects who have been assessed by their peers as competent to practice independently
  • maintain an online register, so the public can confirm that an architect is registered
  • review the competence of architects every five years
  • receive, investigate and hear complaints and, if need be, discipline architects
  • provide information to the public about the registration system for registered architects. 

Board membership

Collective and individual duties

The Board must:

  • ensure the registration of architects is efficient and fair, and ensure Registered Architects maintain the skills and knowledge to remain competent
  • ensure the titles ‘Registered Architect’ and ‘Architect’ are protected in terms of the Registered Architects Act 2005
  • ensure the Board has a robust strategic planning process that plans and identifies opportunities for improving the registration and licensing system and disciplinary process
  • appoints and manages the performance of the Chief Executive and monitors the performance of the organisation
  • sets the culture and tone of the organisation
  • ensure complaints regarding architects are resolved in accordance with the requirements of the Registered Architects Act 2005 and the Registered Architects Rules 2006
  • meet all obligations under relevant legislation, including reporting under the Registered Architects Act 2005. 

Time commitment and meetings

The time commitment for members is typically 8 - 15 days per year, including six formal board full-day meetings, six short video conference meetings between board meetings, one – two strategic planning days, some telephone conferences and disciplinary hearings, and occasional additional work outside of scheduled meetings. Members receive a standard fee of $385 per day, plus reasonable travel and accommodation expenses.

Disciplinary hearings

On occasion, Board members are required to attend disciplinary proceedings. Attendance is shared by Board members, with a board quorum required per hearing. The time requirements for such proceedings are dependent on the nature of the charges, the required days set aside for the hearing, and the preparatory meetings and papers. Recent Disciplinary Hearings have ranged from 1-5 days, including report writing. 

Person specifications

Specific skills required

The Ministry is seeking a member from the architecture profession with a set of skills, attributes and experience which will bring an informed and diverse perspective to the Board. Ideally applicants will have:

  • strong governance experience, leadership and strategic ability


  • strong regulatory expertise or legal and/or disciplinary tribunal expertise
  • interest in the Architectural profession
  • demonstrated leadership and strategic agility
  • good communication skills and an ability to deal with complex issues. 

Additional skills, experience and attributes required

Additionally, Board members are expected to also have knowledge and experience in:

  • an appreciation of the responsibilities associated with regulatory or disciplinary bodies
  • knowledge of the Registered Architects act 2005.

The successful candidate will bring an objective and open-minded approach to disciplinary hearings, be collaborative, be an effective communicator, and be available to devote time and energy to the role. 

Disclosure of interest

Before a person is appointed as a member of the New Zealand Registered Architects Board, they must disclose the nature and extent (including monetary value, if quantifiable) of all interests that the person has at that time, or is likely to have, in matters relating to the New Zealand Registered Architects Board.

As part of the appointments process, candidates are required to complete an Expression of Interest Form and disclose any interests that they may have. The information that is disclosed by the candidates enables the responsible Minister to know the relevant interest and any conflict that a person may have in relation to an appointment to an entity. The information is used to assess whether a candidate would be able to contribute effectively to the entity’s affairs, and where conflicts are identified, to ensure that these can be managed appropriately.  

Additional information

The Board’s website has further information about the Board and its activities.

New Zealand Registered Architects Board(external link)

For enquiries about the position, email:

Last updated: 08 June 2022