Convention Delegate Survey

Established in 2009, the Convention Delegate Survey (CDS) collects expenditure and length of stay data from multi-day convention delegates through an online survey. The CDS is the ‘demand-side’ component of the Convention Research Programme. Approximately 2500 local, domestic and international convention/conference delegates are surveyed each year across New Zealand.

In 2012 the CDS was redeveloped to address problematic definitional and methodological issues. As a result the CDS spend measures now align with the International Visitor Survey, enabling direct comparisons between the two data sources.

The changes to the CDS have created a statistical discontinuity between the current report and those previously published; therefore reports published prior to 2013 cannot be directly compared to later periods.

Information on the survey method and how the CDS has changed can be found in the CDS report for the year ending December 2013.



Data download

The convention delegate survey microdata are available here for re-use by specialist analysts.

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