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As part of our ongoing commitment to support tourism research, this section provides the international visitor survey microdata. The data are in comma separated value (CSV) format as tables that are copies of the database views used by MBIE analysts. This format is aimed at specialist researchers with statistical tools and skills.

MBIE will not be held accountable for any error, inaccurate findings or interpretation within the data. MBIE is not responsible for the results of any actions taken on the basis of this information.

[image] Creative Commons License.

The data are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 New Zealand License.

The microdata for international visitor survey (as on 17 August 2018): vw_IVS [ZIP 24MB]

The tables contained in the zip file:

  • vw_IVSSurveyMainHeader
    Contains main survey details and all single-response question answers
  • vw_IVSAccommodationUsed
    Provides details of accommodation types used by respondent – multiple responses possible
  • vw_IVSActivities
    Provides details of activities done by the respondent during their visit – multiple responses possible
  • vw_IVSAirlineRating
    Provides details of airlines used by the respondent and their rating of them – multiple responses possible
  • vw_IVSAppealReasons
    Provides details of reasons why NZ appealed to the respondent – multiple responses possible
  • vw_IVSCycleOwnership
    Provides details of respondent’s cycle ownership while on trip
  • vw_IVSDecisionMakingProcess – After arriving in NZ
    Provides details of sources of information used by the respondent and the trip stage that those sources were used for – multiple responses possible
  • Vw_IVSDecisionMakingProcess – Planning and booking
    Provides details of websites used for planning & booking trip, together with a rating of how useful the website was
  • vw_IVSEnvironmentPracticeRating
  • vw_IVSExpenditure
    Provides details of costs by different payment methods used by the respondent (eg credit card, cash)
  • vw_IVSHobbitExperienceType
  • vw_IVSHobbitTrilogyAppealFactor
    Provides details of what appealed about the Hobbit Trilogy
  • vw_IVSiSiteUsage
    Provides details of what the respondent used the iSite information network for.
  • vw_IVSItineraryPlaces
    Details of where the respondent stayed on the trip and the number of nights spent
  • vw_IVSOtherCountriesVisitedAfterNZ
    Details of other countries visited after NZ
  • vw_IVSOtherCountriesVisitedBeforeNZ
    Details of other countries visited before NZ
  • vw_IVSPurposefullyLookedForQmk
    Details which amenities the respondent chose based specifically on the fact that it was Qualmark rated
  • vw_IVSQualmarkFailedExpectations
    Provides details as to why the respondent felt that Qualmark facilities failed the expectations
  • vw_IVSSatisfactionRatingReasons
    Provides details of the respondent’s rating of various amenities etc
  • vw_IVSSatisfactionRatings
    Provides details of the respondent’s rating of various amenities etc
  • vw_IVSSocialMediaUsage
    Provides detail as to how the respondent used social media and at which stage of the trip it was used
  • vw_IVSSocialMediaUsed
    Provides detail as to which social media the respondent used and at which stage of the trip it was used
  • vw_IVSTechnologyTypes
    Provides details of the different technology types used by the respondent
  • vw_IVSTechnologyUses
    Provides details of the uses of technology by the respondent
  • vw_IVSTransport
    Provides details of the different transport used by the respondent
  • vw_IVSTravelParty
    Details of the travel party the respondent was in for the trip

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