Making it easier to travel to New Zealand

We are working to ensure that the government assists, where possible, to ensure good air linkages serve New Zealand tourism and benefit the New Zealand economy.

International air linkages

Our work in this area is focused on facilitating better business connections with important existing and emerging export markets, and attracting high-value business, skilled migrant and tourist travel to New Zealand.

We are working with other government agencies to focus on priority markets where proactive and co-ordinated action is required to ensure international air linkages contribute to economic growth.

Our work will not pre-empt commercial developments or dictate market outcomes. Instead, we will focus on where government activity can improve air linkages in key markets for New Zealand’s benefit.

Streamlining trans-Tasman travel

New Zealand and Australian border officials are working on a number of measures to streamline passenger processing at international airports for trans-Tasman travellers.

Trans Tasman travel

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Tourism industry partnerships - Immigration New Zealand

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) partners with a number of overseas organisations to offer their premium customers a streamlined visitor visa application process.

These special arrangements only apply to visa applicants who can demonstrate they meet certain qualifying criteria.

By partnering with selected organisations, INZ provides high-value visitors a further incentive to choose New Zealand as a travel destination.