Have Your Say: Telco Review options paper (September 2016)

Submissions closed at
5pm on Friday, 2 September 2016
Telecommunications Act Review: Options paper PDF Document 1217kb


This options paper provides more detail on the proposed ‘utility-style’ regulatory framework for fixed line communication services. We are seeking feedback on a range of implementation issues including:

  • the application of price–quality regulation based on the ‘building blocks’ model
  • Commerce Commission rules on how assets are valued and costs recovered (input methodologies)
  • ways to protect consumers from price shocks during the implementation period and
  • disclosure of cost and revenue information by regulated suppliers.

The options paper also discusses the future of mobile regulation, as well as digital convergence and ‘net neutrality’ issues, and improving the handling of consumer complaints by the telecommunications sector. 


The Government is reviewing the Telecommunications Act to ensure New Zealand has the right regulatory framework for communications networks to meet the future needs of consumers and businesses, and to help keep our economy growing.

In April 2016, the Government announced high-level decisions on the review, including a move to ‘utility-style’ regulatory framework for regulating fixed line communication services provided on the Ultra-Fast Broadband network and Chorus’ copper network after 2020.