New Zealand's economy: Sectors reports series

Sectors Reports Series

The Sectors Reports Series and the New Zealand Sectors Dashboard provides up-to-date information on all the industry sectors that make up the New Zealand economy.

They pull together the most recent official economic data (at the time of publication of each report) and discuss the challenges and opportunities that face New Zealand’s industry sectors.

View the latest sectors report - Manufacturing sector report 2018

[image] New Zealand Sectors Dashboard
[image] NZ Sectors Report 2014.
[image] Information and Communication Technology.

New Zealand Sectors Dashboard

New Zealand Sectors Report 2014

Information and Communications Technology

[image] High Technology - source Damian Alexander.
[image] Petroleum and Minerals report.
[image] Construction - source CERA.

Manufacturing report

Petroleum and Minerals report

Construction report

[image] Tourism - source Nathan Secker.
[image] Knowledge Intensive - source AgResearch.
[image] Small Business Sector Report image courtesy Chris Williams

Tourism report

Knowledge Intensive Services report

Small Business Sector report


Other sources of information

The Regional Economic Activity Tools

Access comprehensive economic data on New Zealand’s regions.


The Food and Beverage Information Project

Read regular reports providing a comprehensive analysis of the state of New Zealand's food and beverage industry.


Regions and Cities reports

Read more on research projects focused on regions and cities, including Auckland Research Programme and the Core Cities research.


New Zealand Sectors Dashboard

The New Zealand Sectors Dashboard is a one-stop shop for all information about New Zealand's economy by sectors.

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