Modelled Territorial Authority Gross Domestic Product (MTAGDP)

MBIE’s experimental Modelled Territorial Authority Gross Domestic Product (MTAGDP) estimates provide annual GDP estimates for 66 territorial authority areas and 32 industry groups. They are an extension of Stats NZ’s Regional GDP series (an official Tier One statistic), which provides annual nominal GDP for 15 regional council areas (Tasman and Nelson are combined) and 18 industry groups.

The MTAGDP estimates data also includes the Regional GDP totals for regional council areas. The nominal MTAGDP estimates align (sum to) the nominal GDP totals for regional council areas from the Regional GDP series, which in turn aligns to the annual nominal national GDP totals. This makes comparison with the official Stats NZ published data series possible and valid.

The MTAGDP series is updated annually, as soon as possible after Stats NZ releases its annual update to its Regional GDP series (usually at the end of March). The time period for both data series extends up to the March year prior to the release year (so year end March 2017 figures are released around March 2018). The industry breakdown is only available for all the years prior to the last year of the series.

Latest release

MTAGDP results to March 2017
Released: Thursday, 10 May 2018

You can also explore MTAGDP data graphically in MBIE’s Regional Economic Activity Tools and the MTAGDP web tool.

Modelled Territorial Authority GDP release

The latest release of MBIE’s experimental Modelled Territorial Authority Gross Domestic Product (MTAGDP) estimates brings the time series up to the year ended March 2017 (in line with Stats NZ’s Regional GDP series for regional council areas).

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Caveats and disclaimers

The main purpose of this product is to facilitate understanding of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Territorial Authorities (TAs) in terms of output over time and by industry group. The estimates are best used as a tool to help understand the industrial makeup of these local economies, rather than as an annual monitoring tool. Given the proportionally large revisions that can occur in GDP estimates at the TA level, in part due to the relatively small numbers involved, they are not expected to serve as key performance indicators (KPIs) or targets for local governments or agencies.

The raw data used in MTAGDP is based on Statistics New Zealand (Stats NZ) published and custom data, but the methodology was developed by MBIE. Stats NZ will not be held accountable for any error, inaccurate findings or interpretation within the MTAGDP results. Moreover, access to the custom data provided by Statistics New Zealand is under conditions designed to give effect to the security and confidentiality provisions of the Statistics Act 1975.

Due to the experimental nature of this product, it should be used with caution. While care and diligence have been used in developing the data for this product, MBIE cannot warranty it is error-free and will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the use, directly or indirectly, of it.